If you think that renting a place to live is a good move, then you probably have never owned your own home before. If there is something that all homeowners can agree upon it is the fact that renting is just not good.

If you have never owned a home before and all you have ever done is rent, then renting might not seem too bad of an idea. You look at all the benefits of renting and you are fine with it. For example, you might have an awesome landlord who lets you pay rent late and have a pet, but that can all come to an end when you least expect it.

That is not to say this is what will happen to you, but you really don’t know what the future holds as a renter. Bayou Properties, where you will find your Houston real estate agent, offers the reasons why renting isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

Having to Ask for Permission

As a renter, there are many things you can’t do until you get permission from your landlord, if they grant you permission that is. For example, you will have to check with your landlord if you want to adopt a pot belly pig as a pet, or if you want to paint the master bedroom midnight blue. You even have to check with the landlord if you want different curtains in the kitchen window.

As a homeowner, whatever you want to bring into your home or whatever color you want to paint the rooms is completely up to you. But we do advise you check with the spouse before painting the master bedroom midnight blue.

Lack of Stability

Buying a home means getting new furniture, settling in and living out the rest of your life. That is, until you decide you want to buy a different house. Your home is your castle and it is the place where your roots run deep and where your children will grow up and the place where you will grow old.

The house you rent is just a temporary fix until you can do better. You might be living there a year or two from now or not, it’s really not always up to you.

It Will Never Be Yours

No matter how long you live in a rented house or many many thousands of dollars you pay in rent, chances are it will never be your house. No matter how much money you fork out for your rental, in the end, you will have nothing to show for it.

Over the years, you might get raises and make more money, but in all likelihood, it won’t keep pace with the cost of your rent going up.

If you get a good loan with a fixed interest rate, you can expect to pay about the same amount of money for your monthly mortgage payment 15 or 20 years down the road.

So what are you waiting for? Contact Bayou Properties right away and let us help you get a home of your very own.