The reasons you remodel your kitchen are almost endless. Maybe you wish to increase the resale value of your home, or maybe you just moved in and want your kitchen to reflect your personality. If you can afford to only make one upgrade to your home this year, you should seriously consider remodeling your kitchen. Your residential real estate agents at Bayou Properties in Houston offers these reasons to renovate your kitchen.


The kitchen layout in your new home may have worked for the previous owner, but not for you. Perhaps it is because it lacks a breakfast bar, a place where you and your family will meet up at every morning sipping coffee and eating breakfast before departing to work and school.  One motivation for remodeling the kitchen is to arrange it so it suits your family’s needs.


As a homeowner, you may wish to remodel your kitchen as a way to increase the market value of your house. After all, a freshly remodeled and attractive kitchen will appeal to a great number of potential buyers. On average, homeowners can expect an 80 to 125 percent return on their investment.

In fact, renovating your kitchen is the most cost-effective course of action you can take. You aren’t going to reap those kind of returns remodeling your bathroom or painting the exterior of your house.

Energy Savings

If your refrigerator and dishwasher are older than your grown kids, then you are probably paying more in energy costs than you have to. Modern appliances are super-efficient and will save you money in the long run.

Personal Taste

While you might like the tile floors in your kitchen, you have always dreamed of having wood floors. And even though you put up with the electric range, what you desire is a gas stove. When you remodel your kitchen, all of your dreams come true.

A remodeled kitchen is a kitchen that suits your personality, from the choice of flooring to the color of the splash guard to the style of appliances. There are many options, so take your time and choose wisely.


You might be a homeowner who simply wants a change. You are tired of seeing the same kitchen morning, noon and night and think changing things up will put a little spark into your family time spent in the kitchen.

Gourmet Kitchen

You have been watching too many cooking shows on the cooking networks and you need to have all of the cool kitchen gadgets professional chefs use to create their dishes. The problem is that you need more counter space for the Ninja blender, Wolfgang Puck rotisserie and programmable pressure cooker.

You also need a deep sink like they use on your favorite cooking shoes and a fancy faucet that turns on automatically when you put your hands under it. A gourmet kitchen with all of the latest amenities and gadgets is a kitchen where you can create your own works of edible art.

But if you are renting a place, you have to make do with whatever you have. Contact Bayou Properties and you can be on your way to having your very own dream kitchen.