Renting is awesome if you love the house or apartment you are renting, if the landlord is awesome and if there was a guarantee that you could live there indefinitely without worrying about rent going up.

But you all know this is just a dream; a renter’s dream.

The reality about renting is much more complicated. For example, you never know when you might get asked to leave. You also never know when your rent will be jacked up.

There is an upside to renting, at least, we think there is. But what we do know for sure is that there are several reasons why renting is for the birds. Bayou Properties, your residential real estate agency in Houston, has several reasons you should avoid renting and buy a home instead.

Renters are Sad

When determining how happy or sad people are, researchers ask about income, health, economic status and housing type. What researchers discovered is that people who rent are not as happy as those who own their homes.

So if you are feeling blue, it could be because you rent.

Move Along

At any time, you could be told that you need to move out. Sure, there are stipulations of course, like they have to give you a certain amount of time to do this. But the fact remains that you can be booted out of your rental at any time.

This doesn’t just happen because you were a bad tenant or anything, there could be any numbers of reasons why you are asked to move along. For example, your landlord could decide to sell the property where you live.

No Dogs Allowed

It makes perfect sense if your landlord doesn’t allow you to own a big dog in your tiny apartment, but you may not even be allowed a small dog in the big house you are renting.

The decision to have a pet in the apartment or house is up to the landlord and you can be denied a pet for any reason. If you already have a dog or cat, then finding a place to rent that allows them can be a pain.

Things Break

One setback to owning a home is that you are responsible for anything that happens to break, like the water heater for example. But at least when you own your home, you can decide how and when it should be fixed.

Renters have no say in this. You simply notify the landlord when something breaks and then wait to see how things play through.

You Hate Parfait Pink

When renting, it is unlikely that you get to choose what color to paint the master bedroom. So if your landlord is partial to parfait pink, then you have to suffer with it.

Dusty pastels might look really good in design magazines, but it clashes with your neon yellow bedspread and black light posters of Elvis and King Kong.

If you are sick and tired of renting, contact Bayou Properties and we will see what we can do to help.